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  • Vintage Custom Homes - Testimonial from Linda Watermeyer
    We would highly recommend our builder, Larry Beck and definitely would use him again! He built a custom, luxury home for dear friends of ours, and we were able to get a glimpse of what the building process entailed through their experience. When we hired Larry, he had a plan of action, a schedule, and a network of subs already in place that we knew would do the same fine job on our home as they did on our friend's home. Larry was available to meet with us on weekends or late at night, as my husband's schedule was crazy at the time and he routinely reviewed the evolving budget as we requested. We were pretty particular as this would be our dream home, and Larry and subs were dependable about being on the job daily and early, and very patient with us and our needs. In addition, Karen Beck was available as a design consultant, and the touches she helped us add to our home are details that visitors still rave about!

    We would definitely use Larry Beck again and highly recommend him to anyone building their dream home!quotes

    Linda Watermeyer
    Action Real Estate

  • Vintage Custom Homes - Testimonial from Linda Watermeyer
    In the Spring of '08 we had the good fortune to sell our home in SW Washington, giving us an opportunity to consider building on our waterfront property in Olalla, WA. With the economy in a downward spiral during that time, and never having built a home previously, we were understandably nervous about committing to a half-million+ dollar home project. We met Larry & Karen Beck while touring recently constructed Vintage Custom Homes projects in Gig Harbor, and over the next couple of months we gained the trust and confidence in their abilities that we needed to move forward with our custom home. From initial discussions about “if, when, and what type” of home we wanted, to the day Larry handed us the keys in May 2009, we always knew that we were in good hands with Vintage. We have our dream home in our dream location, but if we were to build again tomorrow, it would be with Vintage Custom Homes. quotes

    Dave and Lisa Butler
    Very satisfied homeowners

  • Vintage Custom Homes - Testimonial from Linda Watermeyer
    Thank you for building our dream house. It was a truly great experience working with you and your team from start to finish, not only was it done on time, but the follow up and care that you all put in to ensure each little detail was just the way we wanted it was amazing. It is crazy how time flies, thank you for always being there for us not once we took ownership but following up on little things since, from how this works or how that needs to be adjusted it means a lot. I have had several parties and friends that are in the industry are impressed with the quality of the workmanship and attention to detail. It was a challenging job site to say the least. We are proud of what you and your team helped bring our vision and dreams to reality. We are blessed each day to wake up to the amazing view that you helped take full advantage of. quotes

    John A.Grosshans
    Senior Financial Advisor

  • Vintage Custom Homes - Testimonial from Linda Watermeyer
    Larry was the contractor for a remodeling project on the exterior of my house in the summer of 2010. While major remodeling is inherently stressful for almost any homeowner, Larry's services as a contractor were invaluable, and I am extremely pleased with the final result.

    I had new siding installed, new gutters, a new deck, new windows, four skylights, screen doors, painting of my front door, and screens installed in two doors, new room built for outdoor tools, and woodworking. The quality of work done was consistently top notch. In his proposal, Larry gave a clear breakdown of cost for each facet of the project. In closing, I am very pleased with the final product which Larry was instrumental in delivering, and I am extremely impressed with his work as a contractor. In a world where shoddy workmanship and poor service are unfortunately all too common, Larry is indeed a rare find. I would not hesitate to hire Larry again, or to recommend him to my friends and neighbors. quotes

    Gloria J. Phillips
    A very satisfied homeowner

  • Vintage Custom Homes - Testimonial fromDel and Dorene Moon
    Our Realtor introduced us to Larry and Vintage Custom Homes when we were looking at an old house on a piece of property with a gorgeous view. Wanting a contractors point of view on what best could be done with it, we met Larry at the site. Nice view, but too much money for the lot, especially with the cost of demolition. A couple months later we found another place with a nice view and a nice house but had some questions on whether or not we could do more remodeling to make it fit us. Again we called Larry and he happily met us to go over what we were thinking. He told us the pros and cons of what we wanted to do. It wasn't what we wanted to hear at the time, but are so grateful he was honest with us.

    After a couple more months of looking for our new home we found a cabin on 1+ acres with the view we were looking for. It just felt right and we made the deal. After living there a while and getting used to the property we knew we wanted to remodel and add on to what was there. We immediately thought of Larry. He came to our house to see what we had purchased and were hoping to do. Larry and his wife Karen took us to see and visit other proud owners of homes they had built. We saw the quality and expertise they both put into their work. Before we knew it we were in the middle of drawing up plans with an architect that Larry works with. Larry sat with us at each meeting making sure our plans were feasible and keeping within our building budget. As soon as we had the final drawings they were at the county waiting for approval. In the mean time they were moving dirt and getting the lot ready to build on and soon our house was becoming reality. As it progressed Larry came up with great ideas that made slight changes to the plans but worked out so well for us. All of his sub contractors and associates were very helpful and great to work with, especially Karen who guided us in choosing our colors, counter tops, flooring, etc. and made our home all come together beautifully. We were amazed at how smoothly, efficiently, and effortlessly Vintage Custom Homes took us through the whole process. We would highly recommend them to anyone. Not only are they both experts at what they do, they are helpful, thoughtful, and now lifelong friends. We love our home! quotes

    Del and Dorene Moon
    Very satisfied homeowners