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About Us

At Vintage Custom Homes we make the building process easy, understandable and manageable. We simplify what may seem like a monumental endeavor, removing the intimidating aspects so that what’s left are the exciting, enriching choices that will make your new house into a true home.

We look to build active partnerships with our clients, and we achieve them by offering complete transparency, accountability and clear, ongoing communication. Our #1 focus is the customer—not our suppliers. We are your advocates, and your interests are our top priority.

We make sure that every home is built exactly to plans, specs, building codes, budgets and customer expectations. We have extremely high standards, and we watch over every step of the process to make sure that every last detail is correct. The result is a perfect balance between old world practices that deliver lasting quality, and new techniques and technologies that result in the perfect contemporary home.

Together, we can create the perfect home that you’ll want to keep for a very long time.

Our History

  • Vintage Custom Homes Family

    We built our first home in Gig Harbor in 1988, and we haven’t stopped since. That’s more than 25 years of building custom homes and relationships in the South Puget Sound area! Many of our suppliers and subcontractors have been working with us since that very first project, and the respect, shared knowledge and synergy that comes from those long-standing relationships brings better results to our customers. We have the experience and creativity to tackle any challenge, whether it’s simple or extremely complex.

    Vintage Custom Homes is a family-driven business whose success is a result of the strong relationships that we’ve built at every level. Founder Larry Beck continues to oversee all aspects of the business operation and ongoing project management; he has a hand in almost every decision and detail. Karen Beck co-manages the business and puts her design expertise to work helping clients make the right interior design choices. Luke Beck is his right-hand man and helps to make it all happen on a day-to-day basis, while Courtney Beck provides ongoing website and marketing support.